2021: looking ahead to the New Normal – predictions from the tech industry – Continuity Central

2020 reshaped the world as we know it, and the New Normal currently seems like a long way off – but it will come. Continuity Central spoke with nine technology experts to get their view on how they see things shaping up through 2021 and beyond…

Embracing new flexibility, with the right tools in place

“Home and remote working – at least in part – are definitely here to stay,” says Paul Zuidema, Managing Director EMEA at Ergotron. “According to a recent survey, three quarters of staff currently working from home think it’s likely their employer will continue to let them do so post-COVID. Importantly, however, another report also revealed that the majority of knowledge workers questioned (72 percent) would prefer a mix of remote and office work, a hybrid approach.

“In 2021, the focus for employers and employees should turn to ensuring a safe, comfortable and productive environment. This means investing in equipment and furniture that fits ergonomically with the technologies that we all use everyday and are fit for purpose to be used in the home environment.”

Richard Buxton, Director at N4Engage adds: “Over the last year, video has reigned supreme as a way for people to communicate with each other – whether socially at home, in an enterprise environment, or for customer contact. The