85% of Developers in the Technology Industry Deploy Daily, Yet 8 in 10 Aren’t Going Fast Enough – Security Boulevard

Organizations aspire to reach perfection and often look to emulate best practices of peer organizations to do so. When it comes to software development, global technology leaders like Google, Amazon, Uber, Apple, and others immediately come to mind as best-in-class practitioners. Seeking to understand what software development life cycle (SDLC) practices these technology leaders use, Contrast Security surveyed 100 developers from 50 of the world’s leading technology companies.

Hundreds of Applications in Development and Management

The commissioned study reveals what attitudes and practices around application security are embodied by modern software developers. The survey was conducted over email as well as through a call center during August 2020. Respondents were part of development teams that ranged from a couple thousand to over a hundred thousand. Nearly two-thirds of respondents indicate their organizations develop and manage over 800 applications—and over 63% are responsible for an excess of 250.

SDLC Can Make or Break a Technology Company

On some fronts, developers in technology companies are just like the remainder of developers across other industry segments. But in other ways, developers in technology firms are measured differently, and thus they must adhere to distinct development approaches. The speed at which the technology sector changes places digital transformation at the forefront. Behemoths in technology can quickly go from growth darlings to “has-beens”—or even nonexistence.

As a result, it isn’t surprising that the vast majority (85%) believe there are significant differences between technology companies and other