“Ask for change”, “Be authentic”, and “Seek support while supporting others”– leaders in technology share expert advice to help empower women in the workplace – Samsung Newsroom UK

Influential women in technology share advice for industry peers at an event to launch Samsung Pioneers – a long-term programme by Samsung UK to address the issue of gender equality within technology and empower female talent at all levels

LONDON, England – 16th October 2020 – Samsung UK has announced its commitment to championing greater gender equality within the UK technology industry by launching Samsung Pioneers. Taking the form of an event series, Samsung Pioneers will act as a platform to bring together the UK’s most influential technology thinkers and advocates of women in technology to discuss and address the issues facing female talent across the industry. Led by Samsung UK, the programme will create an opportunity for a single unified voice to champion women in tech, bringing together brands, industry and non-profits to share advice, guidance and advocate for necessary change.

The first Samsung Pioneers event – a virtual interactive panel discussion and Q&A held on Ada Lovelace Day – took the form of an open and honest discussion between our speakers and audience on their personal views and experiences as women in technology. Topics covered included a conversation on progress made in gender equality over recent years, existing and potential challenges facing women in the industry, and how COVID-19 has exacerbated underlying issues for women in business.

“Most women within technology have experienced