Davos Agenda: Business leaders on how to harness tech for good – World Economic Forum

A new World Economic Forum-Ipsos survey finds that most adults are uniquely optimistic about accessing technology, digital tools and training in the next 12 months. This is amid general pessimism about other aspects of life, such as health, employment and climate change.

There has been a palpable mindset shift when it comes to technology. Throughout the pandemic, technology has been a lifeline to survival – both personal and for businesses – and it is now seen to hold the key to recovery. But the pace of technology adoption and development, with its accompanying life-changing possibilities, has been disruptive, raising a range of ethical questions – about genetics, robots, algorithms – and what it means to be human.

When it comes to technological innovation, business leaders are bullish – seeing technology and digitization as a means to succeed. But they recognize the challenges of AI ethics, inequalities of access, security and governance gaps.

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