Melissa Schneider of GoDaddy: Inspiration, Resiliency and Engaging with New Technology is Helping Drive Business Growth – Small Business Trends

Throughout most of this year during the pandemic, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with executives at a number of technology companies serving the small business community.

And while there are a number of themes that have recurred with many vendors and across the months we’ve been dealing with COVID-19, the ones that have resonated with me have been the descriptions for small businesses I’ve heard over and over again: innovative, creative, resilient and inspired.

During a recent conversation with Melissa Schneider, GoDaddy’s VP Global Marketing Operations & Product Marketing, she went even further in detailing a couple of real life examples of just how resilient and inspired small businesses have been in order to survive and succeed in the midst of the coronavirus.

Interview with Melissa Schneider of GoDaddy

Below is an edited transcript of a portion of our conversation. To hear the full conversation, click on the embedded SoundCloud player.

Small Business Trends: What were the initial things that they [your customers] were focused on? What are the biggest challenges and how has that changed over these seven months or so?

Melissa Schneider: I think we at GoDaddy woke up in March the same way a lot of folks did and just recognized the incredible impact that the pandemic, even in those early days was going to have on small businesses. We wake up every morning thinking about the everyday entrepreneur, the smallest of small businesses and thinking about