Tech flight: Why Silicon Valley is heading to Miami and Austin, Texas – NBC News

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has been fielding numerous inquiries from top executives in the tech world who reached out in recent weeks — from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. He has also reportedly met with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and the chairman of Palantir, Peter Thiel, among others.

What is he offering that Silicon Valley cannot? The mayor is trying to convince them that Miami promises a more business-friendly environment.

“There’s no secret sauce other than my Twitter account,” Suarez said while shaving and preparing for another day of messages from inquiring tech executives. “There is absolutely no doubt that a big part of the reason why they are moving is that they feel that there is an inhospitable environment for regulation and taxation.”

On Tuesday, Miami will try to respond to these Silicon Valley businesses by naming its first chief technology officer. Suarez said the new CTO will “provide concierge services” like streamlining bureaucratic procedures for high-tech firms when they come to Miami.

“There is an attitude that has been expressed by some leaders that says, ‘We don’t want you and we don’t need you,’” Suarez said, alluding to how business owners say they feel they are being treated in Silicon Valley. “It’s the opposite of the ‘How can I help?’ attitude, ‘How can I grow this ecosystem?'”

Departing cities

While Silicon Valley is by no means ceasing to be the center of the technology

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