W2O Group rolls up 2 new data agency buys into one health tech business – FiercePharma

Yogurt-eating yogis wearing expensive cross-trainers signal certain information about themselves without saying a word—and those signals may be enough to flag potential fitness pals.

Any more than that requires some digging, and that fact is at the heart of W2O Group’s two new acquisitions, Swoop and IPM.ai. Sophisticated pharma data agencies work to extrapolate consumer behavior data—along with de-identified health and drug data and other real-world information—into marketing insights and action.

The two new buys now form the core of W2O’s newly debuted heath technology business. The group is rolling the pair into its previous Symplur acquisition and its own internal capabilities.

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Swoop works mostly with large pharmas and large direct-to-consumer brands to better understand and segment patient populations, while IPM.ai serves brands with unknown or undiagnosed patient populations—currently about 60% of current drug approvals, Ron Elwell, CEO and co-founder of both Swoop and IPM.ai, said.

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In one example, Swoop worked with a large pharma with a post-heart-attack drug where only 50% of people were getting their prescriptions filled. Swoop built out a demographic